Where does the meat come from?

All of our meat comes from family farms in the United States. They are largely concentrated in the midwest. We like to work with family operations to maintain that intimate connection to our food and where it comes from.

Why are there different kinds of beef and pork?

There are many different kinds of beef. We at Grazers want to introduce beef lovers everywhere the different kinds of tastes and textures that beef can be. Every breed of cattle has unique taste and what cattle eat changes the meat as well. We provide different breeds with various feeding styles to give you knew and exciting options. Whether it's the classic flavor packed Black Angus or the super tender Piedmontese, we have something for you!

How is your meat inspected?

Every single animal we sell is thoroughly inspected by the USDA. We are committed to providing the highest standard meat, which means no corners are ever cut!

Why can't I check out with my order?

If you are unable to check out. It is probably due to our order minimum requirements. All orders must be above $50. We are unable to ship smaller orders due to the cost of shipping materials and dry ice.

Where do we ship?

We ship almost everywhere. Sorry Alaksa & Hawaii! We are also working on shipping to the west coast, however at the moment we cannot accept orders from those states.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is a flat fee of $13.99. We offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $99.

How will my order arrive?

All orders are packed in a insulated shipping container with lots of dry ice to keep everything cold. All of our meat is shipped frozen to ensure peak freshness of every cut!

How does it take to ship?

Most orders are shipped within 72 hours of that order being placed.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately we do not ship internationally. Import/export laws of raw animal products is heavily regulated and difficult to navigate. To keep our cost as low as possible we have decided to stay domestic and grow our US market.

What is the minimum order amount?

Currently the minimum order amount is $50. Due to the cost of dry ice, packaging, and shipping cost, we are unable to ship smaller orders at this time. we are constantly trying to create new packages to provide cost savings to you, while not increasing the shipping cost so that together we can create a more efficient food supply!

How do I dethaw the meat?

We suggest you dethaw the meat by placing it in your refrigerator the night before you plan on using it. If the meat weighs more than 2lbs than place two nights before, just to be on the safe side. We do not recommend using a microwave to dethaw meat, as it may start to cook the meat on the outside.

What does "pasture Raised" mean?

All of our animals are raised on live pastures of grasses, legumes and other healthy plants to ensure a happy and healthy animal. Just as nature intended for it to be!

Do I cook this meat differently?

Yes and no, I know that doesn't help but not all meat is the same. For some of our leaner animals like the Piedmontese or South Pole, we recommend cooking it at lower temperature and finishing at a rare to medium-rare to ensure maximum tenderness and flavor is maintained. For our Black Angus and Heritage Pork, feel free to use the normal cooking practices that you are always use.

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